Championship Show 2014

Dog line up

Best in Show:

Best in Show SH Ch Alibren Best Mate To Westervane JW
Res Best in Show Sh Ch Thornywait Billie Jean
Best Puppy Stanroph Still the Same
Best Veteran Sh Ch Cameacy Holding All the Aces at Saphiron

Judges: Sarah Wood (Dogs) Margaret Woods ( Bitches)

Bitch line up

Dog Line-up:

Dcc & BIS SH CH Alibren Best Mate to Westervane JW
Rcc Ronjalee Rock a Fella to Sandti JW
Best Dog Puppy Largymore Luis Espinosa for Ashiqua

Judge: Sarah Wood

Alibren line up

Bitch Line-up:

Bcc Sh Ch Thorneywait Billy Jean
Rcc Largymore Lingaigh KCJW
Best puppy bitch Stanroph Still the Same

Judge: Mrs Margaret Woods