A Golden Retriever is the perfect choice for a family pet, providing you with affectionate, loyal companionship and endless pleasure. The puppies, as well as being lively, are bright and intelligent and can learn quickly. Goldens normally possess the perfect temperament and grow to be outgoing and friendly, but when you are thinking of buying a puppy, please be sure to find a reputable breeder.

In choosing your puppy, you should be able to see the mother and photographs of the stud dog to give you an idea of how the puppies will turn out. A golden will grow up to be cheerful and gentle, which makes them ideal companions for families with children and as well as being the perfect family pets they can be easily trained to compete in the show ring.

Although they are adorable puppies and make perfect pets, goldens need plenty of exercise and when out are sure to wallow in any mud, so you’ll be kept busy keeping them clean. They shed their coats frequently too and need regular grooming, so in choosing a golden it requires commitment and care that can last up to 15 years.

In return, a golden puppy will grow to give years of pleasure as a faithful companion and loving member of the family.

Puppy List

We run a puppy list for members of the North West Golden Retriever Club, which contains litters that have been born in the last 6 weeks. The parents of golden retriever puppies on this list have had all the required medical checks prior to mating.

We ensure that any breeders on our list will have done their very best to produce healthy happy puppies that are active and friendly and enjoy clean, warm surroundings. The breeders we choose will be happy to give you lots of advice about rearing and training.

For puppy availability, please use the contact form or telephone 01248 370477

Breeders Registration for NWGRC Puppy List

If you are a breeder of Golden Retrievers and have been a member of the North West Golden Retriever Club for at least 12 months, you can apply for entry on our puppy register and to appear on the Puppy List. Your details, including puppy availability and news of any future litter plans, will be published and available via enquiries from this website.

For full details and an application form, please use the contact form or telephone 01248 370477.

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As well as our monthly events our diary will be updated with new events and shows, as well as previous show results.

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Don’t Cook Your Dog

Driving to one of our events, or just out and about? Don’t leave your dog unattended in the car on a sunny day.

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